Transforming Friar's Bush Cemetery by Cairde na Cille

Founded in Belfast, Cairde na Cille CIC is a non-profit organization that revitalized Friar's Bush Graveyard into a vibrant community space for events and tours in 2023 and 2024.

Our First Signature Project
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Join us in preserving history and creating a welcoming environment at Friar's Bush Cemetery. Explore our tours events, donate to our non-profit or find out about our cross-community projects, tours or inspiring volunteer opportunities and more to support our cause.

Revitalizing History

Transforming Friar's Bush neglected graveyard into a vibrant community-run space in Belfast.

Our Mission Statement

Dedicated to preserving heritage, culture and historic places and creating a welcoming environment for all to enjoy.

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Explore the rich heritage of Friar's Bush cemetery by taking a tour with us. Book directly here from a range of weekend tours online today!

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Attend exciting tours and cultural events at our restored cemetery all bookable through Visit Belfast or directly online here. Or Whistlestop Tours are most Sundays 2pm, Graves and Gardens Tours at least once monthly Saturdays 2pm, all bookable through Visit Belfast or directly via bank transfer using our virtual "shop" here that gives all forward dates.

Get Involved Now

Support our non-profit organization in preserving this important historical site. You can donate by contacting us on for bank transfer details. If you would like to organise a large group tour for a community group, we offer very generous rates from only £5 per person. Cairde na Cille is a non-profit and cross-community organisation so we are reaching out to organisations for joint projects, promotions etc. Our heritage belongs to us all!

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Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or enquiries about our organization, our tours, events, or the Friar's Bush graveyard restoration project and our future plans. We would love to hear from you!